A Good Day Was Had By….Well, By Me!

I took another day off from work today. I know I know – I’m wasting my vacation days, but it’s WORTH it – trust me. My work morale is so incredibly low right now that I figured it was better to take a couple days off this week then literally bite the heads off my bosses and get fired. So voila – I’m home today. It was another productive gardening day for me. I finished the raised bed project – all the plants and flowers are in, the mulch has been laid, and water has been applied. Now all I need to do is paint the bed and I’m done and ready to post pictures. I was heartbroken because I’ve been searching all over for BLUE flowers and can’t find any, so my thought of doing a patriotic red white and blue bed was all for naught – all I had was red and white. But Denis (smart smartie that he is) suggested I paint the wood border in a nice bright flag blue so that the red and white flowers have that touch of blue they need. So that’s what I’ll do tomorrow afternoon. YAY! He’s so smart!

In other news, I successfully bid on a bowling bag today. And Denis received an email confirmation that the bowling shoes he ordered for us have been shipped. Now all I have to do is find the perfect bowling ball. The bag I won on ebay is a lilac color – so I may go for the purple theme and find a lilac bowling ball. Surely they are out there, right?

Okay, I’m off to take a much needed shower (my second today). My arms are all red from the cedar mulch I laid down a few minutes ago. The good news is I’m getting so used to being out the hot humid gross heat that I think I’ll be fine by the time we go to New Orleans at the end of the month. I’m actually beginning to TOLERATE triple-H weather. Go figure.

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  1. If you indeed have gotten used to the heat and humidity, I would like to know your secret. I have been in Indy for 22 years and I still haven’t gotten used to it. Only ten more years until I can retire and move back to Minnesota. Hooray!

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