A Good Day

Today has been a good day thus far.

1) CootieBoy took his reading book to daycare today because he wanted to show his teacher that he could read. He read one of the paragraphs and she immediately grabbed a pen and wrote down the name of the book to recommend it to other parents. She then went on to praise him and told me she always knew he must be doing something at home because he’s the smartest kid in her class. That made me feel AWESOME that despite his cloudy and stormy days, she recognizes that he’s a smart kid.

2) I wore my platform shoes to work today. Last time I wore them my left foot went numb after about ten minutes. Today I was able to go an hour. Improvement! I’ll continue to wear them throughout the day, switching between my regular shoes and the platforms, and then put the shoeforms back in when I get home. The shoes should be PERFECT to wear by the time of our White Elephant party in two weeks.

3) Speaking of White Elephant – we’re up to 22 guests, and our guest room has finally been officially “nabbed” by a couple of out-of-towners who are coming (YAY!). Last night Denis and I each baked a batch of cookies (me: thumbprint jam cookies, denis: bacon chocolate chip). We’ve decided we’re going to take some of our baking gear to Jersey since we’ll have the time to bake cookies up there. So tonight – no cookie baking. Just laundry, packing, and wrapping Christmas gifts that we’re taking with us.

4) We’re firming up our plans for the week as we speak. Denis is going to hanging with pals on Monday and Wednesday nights of next week (which will become my cookie baking nights after the kids go to bed). We plan on hanging out with Ace and Anthony on Saturday night and Monday morning. Sunday we’ll be doing a lot of stuff with folks from our old church. Thursday the day is set aside for the parade and Denis’ family. And Friday we begin the drive home. It’ll be a busy but very fun week. The kids have no idea how much fun they’ll have.

5) In “small world” news, I found out last night that my friend Ace knows a guy named Andrew that I dated in 1994 for about two months. After he and I stopped dating we became good friends and continued to hang out. Turns out – Ace went to high school with him. Ace was on facebook taking with a friend of his, and saw Andrew listed as one of her friends. He friended him as well since they had been friends in high school, and when it was confirmed Ace saw my name listed as a friend in common! He figured it was a glitch but called to ask me about it anyway. That’s the second time in my life two men I have known at completely different times ended up knowing each other (the other time was dating Bear for a few months only to find out many years later that he worked on an album together with John, a guy I went out with once when I was home from college a few years prior to even meeting Bear).

That’s it for now! I hope you are having a great day!

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  1. Bear played drums with the worship team last weekend when I sang. He asked about you – I told him you’re doing well and we shared stories about all of the kids (yours, his, mine).

  2. I keep meaning to tell you that I took Grace to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway a few weeks ago. It was awesome! Watching her watch the show was just as good as watching the show itself! The souvenirs are not obnoxiously priced and there is not a ton of choices….Grace got a dinglehopper hair brush for $10. It was great and you can hit the M & M store and/or the Hershey store if you are in the mood!

    Also, if you have a spare moment we would love to see you guys.

  3. Tara – the only day we will be in Queens is on Thanksgiving day – are you going to be at your apartment that day or over at your family’s?

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