A Gardening Post

This morning as I looked around our backyard, I saw TONS of my tulips are starting to “hatch”, as well as my daylilies and crocus. But now I’m in a panic – I’m over 8 months pregnant and I cannot get out there and work in the garden to clean it up and get it ready for spring. I can do the easy things, but only on the weekend. And this weekend it’s going to rain the whole time. Good thing my mom is going to be here in a few weeks – I can put her to work in my garden while I recover from delivering CootieGirl.

Speaking of CootieGirl – we got the video baby monitor yesterday in the mail and it’s awesome. Denis and I played with it for about an hour before Ace and Anthony came over for Survivor. It has a perfect picture, excellent sound, and I have a feeling that once CootieGirl is here I’ll be watching her sleep all night long. It’s just to irresistable! Mare-Bear told me, “You should keep that camera in her room until she’s 18!” and I totally agree…

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  1. The inside will be in order because I’m having a cleaning service come in a couple weeks to do the ENTIRE HOUSE.

    As for the gardening, I went out last night after getting home and used the last bit of daylight to get rid of some of the dead stuff – Denis and I are going to go out in between the rainstorms this weekend and attempt to clean it up a bit more.

    My crocus are officially up – buds and all. Pity Cooper is so fascinated by them, he’s stepped on half of them.

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