A Fun “Stay Home” Day

The boy and I have been having fun today. It started out rough – I told him he could play videogames for an hour, only to have him throw a tantrum about two minutes in. So I turned off the videogames and sent him to his room to cool down. He eventually came down and apologized, after which I told him we’d keep the videogames off today (he got a little teary when I said that, but agreed in the end).

I was looking on my freelance site for some jobs (haven’t gotten a new one yet despite MANY bids – it’s frustrating). Today a fun one popped up that was for reading copy to create an ebook. I worked in radio in college and at some point was told by the theater professor that I’d be good on NPR radio. At the time I was horrified (after all, I wanted to be a RAWK DEEJAY), but I realize now that was a very nice compliment. The job required that an audio clip be submitted with the bid, so I brought out our computer microphone and recorded the passage they supplied. Once it sounded good I sent it off with my bid. I hope it I get it – that looks like a fun project and it can be done before we go to Virginia for a week.

So at some point the boy came in while I was testing the microphones, and he got a big kick out of hearing himself through the computer speakers. I then shooed him out of the room and did my thing. He came back a bit later and we spent – no lie – an HOUR just messing around recording ourselves. In the end I only kept a couple of his recordings. I had him singing along with music, but the music was so faint and the boy kept putting the entire microphone IN HIS MOUTH so it all got a bit distorted. *lol* Anyway, I have a feeling when CootieGirl gets home he is going to tell her about it, and we’ll be doing that all afternoon.

He also announced he wants me to make a Ni Hao Kai Lan pillow for him, which I told him I’d be happy to do – but I don’t have any pillow stuffing or a pillow I can sacrifice. But actually, I just realized I DO have a pillow I can used to use as the inside. So looks like I may be sewing up a pillow this afternoon, too.

All in all, despite the rocky start, it has been a fun day today.

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