A Fun Labor-less Day

Had a good day today. Our furniture was delivered promptly at 10 a.m. and looks fabulous. This week we’ll head to Home Depot to pick up a cream colored area rug to replace the current one. Then our living room will be looking pretty good (I’d say about 75% done at that point).

Then we headed out to Donald and Lori’s for a soggy rainy-day barbecue. A bunch of folks from a job Denis had many moons ago got together and we had some good food joined with hilarious conversations. I tell ya – you get those Keyspan guys together and it’s a madhouse of in-jokes. They loved CootieGirl (who was on her best behavior, thankfully).

So we’re home now, and tomorrow it’s back to work for us. But it’s a four day week, which is nice. Happy Labor Day!

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