A Fun Girl’s Night Out

About six months ago I picked up tickets to see a local theatrical production of the Broadway play “The Full Monty.” Last night was finally the big night to go see it!

My former co-workers, Nic and L-Train, and I met up yesterday for dinner beforehand. It was fun to catch up with them and share some laughter (at some point I let out one of my big obnoxious laughs at something she said, and she responded with something like, “I miss hearing that laugh.”)

We then headed over to Theatre Charlotte and found our FRONT ROW seats. Yee-haw!!! L-Train and I had both seen the movie, so we knew what to expect. But Nic? Never saw it. So she had NO IDEA what to expect.

What we got was a very funny, fun production based on the hilarious and awesome movie. It was definitely a local production – occasional weak or missed notes, a band that went weirdly off-tune for my favorite song of the whole show, and cheap “Waiting for Guffman”esque set. But the actors were VERY likable and the audience was definitely there to have a good time.

Nic’s eyes were like deer in headlights during the last 10 seconds of the show. Those who’ve seen the movie know why (and if you haven’t seen the movie, just think about the title and you’ll know why). Yes, our actors lived up to the movie premise.

All in all, a fun fun night out, and we’ve decided to do it again. In January and February this all-volunteer theater will be putting on a production of “Biloxi Blues.” Seeing as that is probably one of the funniest movies Neil Simon plays EVER, we’re going to try for seats to that.

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