A Fun Day Planned

CootieBoy and I went to gymnastics this morning. He did very well and kept reminding me through the whole class that he was listening to his teacher. I’ve brainwashed him very well. *lol* Now we are home, and Denis and CootieGirl are about to head out to a birthday party of one of her classmates. CootieBoy and I will hang for a while and then head into Charlotte where we’ll snag our seats for “Schoolhouse Rock” at the Children’s Theather, and CootieGirl and Denis will meet us there just before showtime.

Since it’s our 11th anniversary, Denis and I are planning on taking the kids out to an early dinner somewhere in town while we’re there – nowhere fancy, but just out. We did not buy each other gifts but consider the play to be our gift since it’s the same show we saw on our first official date in New York City.

Denis bought the DVD of “Juno” last night, so I predict that once the kids are in bed tonight we’ll be settling down with some popcorn to watch the movie (which I haven’t seen yet). A nice day overall! Made even better by the fact that my scale reflects another 1/2 pound gone and actually waffled between 1/2 and 1, so with any luck tomorrow it’ll show that other 1/2 pound gone which will mean I only have 2 1/2 pounds to lose to reach my goal of 30 pounds gone by May 24!!

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