A Fun American Idol Concert in Charlotte

The concert was fun last night. I realized around 5:45 pm that the show actually started at 7:00 instead of 7:30, so I did the mad dash to find my earplugs and get all my stuff ready to take with me. I ended up leaving my purse at home and took only cash, my driver’s license, binoculars, earplugs, my Blackberry and CootieGirl’s point and click videocamera. I didn’t want to take a chance on taking Denis’ camera only to be told I couldn’t bring it in. Turns out – I could have brought it in – they only thing they didn’t want was VIDEO camera – regular cameras would have been fine. Grrrr….

So, I made it inside (point and click video camera included) and after getting a drink I found my seat. I had thought I was on the inside aisle, but in fact I was the OUTSIDE aisle. I was anywhere from 20-25 rows from the stage so I had a great view, but the videocamera I had would not zoom in much, so my video footage is pretty much pointless although I may post one clip later that shows you just how loud the pre-teen girls were behind me. SO GLAD I had earplugs because their screams were piercing.

I really liked most of the performers – Chikese Ese was fantastic and a great show opener. Ramiele was okay. Michael Johns ROCKED IT OUT. He was awesome. Kristy Lee Cook didn’t suck – but she sings country so I wasn’t that into it. Carly Smithson was amazing. She has such a powerful voice and was really great. Brooke White was also really good live. I was actually surprised by how good she was considering how nervous she always was on the show. Jason Castro was much better live than the tv show. He’s a cutiepie. Syesha was a great performer and is a natural presence onstage. David Archuleta was….typical Archuleta. Every song he sang was a ballad. But it was David Cook that made the night. He was great onstage and sang really well. While everyone else sung three songs he sang six or seven.

The one thing I looked forward to the most was the finale during which they sang “Don’t Stop The Music” by Rihanna. I already knew in advance that Michael Johns and David Cook do a special “something” during that finale. Well, all during the show security was totally allowing people to walk up front and take pictures next to the stage. So as SOON as the first beat of “DSTM” started I scooted up front and made my way to where I knew they did their dance. Stupidly, I didn’t bring out the VIDEO camera, which at that point would have taken awesome shots a mere 10 feet from the stage, but I brought out my blackberry and just started taking picture after picture. Here are the best from that shoot:

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