A Finer Coffee Table There Never Was

On Saturday evening our new coffee table was delivered. It’s REALLY nice looking and a much better one than the cedar chest we had been using the past five years. We rearranged the living room furniture (for the 5th time in 18 months) and it looks fabulous! YAY!

We also returned the oversized kitchen cabinet to Home Depot with no problem. Now we just have to wait until mid-March to get the new smaller size. We had thought the new one was in, but it wasn’t. Oh well. I’m patient – I can wait.

Ace came and hung out with us for part of the day yesterday – it was good to see him. Yes, we hang out for Survivor and stuff, but it was nice just to sit on the sofa and catch up for a bit.

My mom drives up from Virginia today with the gifts from the baby shower that was canceled last weekend due to the snowstorm. My house is SO dirty, but it’s nice knowing there’s a chance it’ll be spotless by the time she leaves (she’s compulsive that way).

Saw a couple more movies this weekend, too. GOD BLESS NETFLIX!

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  1. So, is the NETFLIX thing going well? My brother and his wife and my dad and step-mom and Richard and I are talking about joining and each of us can have a movie at a time and switch…then order new. Do you like it?

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