A Few Things

Okay, so first, I didn’t look that bad doing Tae Bo during the CNN story. Thank heavens for that! The camera guy had a lot of closeups that had me worried. *lol*

Secondly, YAY for them showing Fluid Pudding, long considered one of my favorite blogs of all time!

Sad they didn’t show CootieGirl, but they did show Denis, which cracked me up.

All in all, a nice story and I think Sasha and Candy did a great job NOT portraying us as wacko web chicks. =)

Added: I just remembered they made NO mention of Anderson Cooper, one of my all-time fake boyfriends. I thought for sure that would get a mention seeing as he is Mr. CNN!!

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  1. Just saw the the little ditty on CNN…very cool! You are famous 🙂 I though it was a great piece and really enjoyed it.

  2. I watched, and it was very exciting!

    Although, I thought I did see CootieGirl, or at least, the back of her head, for about a split second.

    Everyone looked great and totally sane. 😉

  3. I cannot believe I missed it! I was really looking forward to seeing the Cooties on TV! (Also, reading that the fluidpudding thing was flashed doesn’t make my disappointment go away any quicker…) Argh! Congratulations to you!!!

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