A Failed Experiment?

So I tested the nitrates in Mr. Fish’s water tonight and found the levels off the charts. Poor little guy – it’s a wonder he has lived this long (we’re going on just over six weeks). We haven’t changed the water in all that time (we’re horrible fish parents) so once the water test came back positive for lotsa nitrates I told Denis it was time to change the water.

Mr. Fish went into a pint glass with some of his current water and I proceeded to clean out the tank – there was a LOT of “stuff” in that tank. Gross. Denis and I then had a mild disagreement about how much solution should go in the water – I ended up splitting the difference and doing a bit less than the instructions said but significantly more than Denis said.

In went Mr. Fish – I fed him some food immediately upon putting him back in the water. Sort of a “possible last meal” thing. We’ll see if he’s still alive tomorrow. If he is? Wow that is one hearty fish.

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