A Dog Should NOT Be In Their Future

So Ace told me this weekend that Anthony wants to get a dog and has gone so far as to put his name on a list for a Chow Chow puppy adoption.

Now, this is the same man, who when Ace said he wanted a cat, said, “Sure – but it stays in the garage because I don’t want it in the house.”

So apparently, tiny 10 lb cat that uses a litter box faithfully and is great at taking care of itself = bad pet.

But a 60-lb. long-haired, constantly in need of grooming, will need to be walked several times a day, eats tons of food dog = great pet? I don’t think so.

Ace and Anthony keep an immaculate house – we’re talking model home quality here, people. Case in point: CootieGirl threw up at their house this weekend. It happened in their kitchen on the rug they have in there. When I finished cleaning it up with my apologies, Ace said, “Oh don’t worry, we’ll just buy a new one.”

And he was serious. When I finished mopping up CootieGirl’s face with the towel he gave me, he said, “Oh, just throw that out.” And once again, he was serious. (I didn’t throw it out – I put it on the basement steps with the intention of putting it in the washer but he discovered it on the steps before I could get to it and who knows what he did with the towel).

My dog is 35 pounds, has wiry hair and has a playful in-your-face disposition. A Chow will be almost twice the size, way more hairy and fluffy, but a little more aloof. You have to wonder what the trade off is. Both Ace and Anthony already hate when Cooper fawns all over them at my house, and now Anthony is willing to have that all the time at their house?

I just don’t know – I can’t help but think that a cat is the way to go if they want a pet. If they get a neutered shorthair domestic kitty from a shelter that has already been declawed, then their furniture will be safe, they’ll have a good mouser, they won’t have to take the cat out for walks, they can go away for a weekend without worrying about setting up a pet sitter, and won’t have to worry about constant upkeep such as brushing that thick wooly coat or finding random furballs in the corner from their shedding dog.

That’s my :2cents:, even though they certainly didn’t ask for it.

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  1. A few things:

    Carpet: We were thinking of replacing it anyway. 😀

    Towel: Totally in the trash. I picked it up yesterday afternoon and said “SEE YA”. It was a beach towel that I got on sale at target a few years ago when we had the pool at the Apt. Complex. It was their for such things… no worries. Not that I go to the beach anyway (there are “things” in that their ocean):wide-eyed:

    Dog: What Anthony didn’t tell me on the phone yesteday is that the dog is Part Chow Chow (looked it up today and I agree with you 100%) and Part Beagle. I could totally handle the Beagle if it didn’t yelp… I don’t think I would like a Yelper… The plus side to Cooper is that he is a very quiet Dog. Love me some quiet.
    I will have to say that I am a Cat person and would love to get a cat instead of the dog. However, If its the right dog (not too big) then I think it could be a perfect fit. As for Cooper being all lovey…well, I wouldn’t let my dog on the couch so it can be all lovey at my feet, just not in my face.
    Of course this is all me talking before I even have the pet. Who knows what I will do with a dog once its in the house. I haven’t owned a Dog since I was 6 yrs old. I think I may need some training. Again, if its more like a Chow Chow than a Beagle… not happening. We may ride up this weekend to see it. I have to meet the Dog before they will even let us adopt it anyway.

    Your Opinion/2cents: Always welcome.

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