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Okay, courtesy of Adam, I give you a great website: Pentix, about the art of pen-spinning. Back in my college days my friend John Kim taught me a pen spin while we were studying for exams. I begged him to teach me, and he obliged. I’ve been doing it ever since. Imagine my surprise at finding an entire WEBSITE dedicated to ones far more advanced than mine!

Secondly, we need to discuss The Amazing Race 2 Finale from last night.

About halfway through the two-hour finale I told Denis, “I hope that The Boston Boys win, and that they win by 10 meters over Wil and Tara.” Sure enough, in the final leg The Boys passed Tara and VOILA – raced past Wil for the win – by only 20 seconds or so! I was jumping around my living room clapping and happy that they won.

I’ve mentioned it before, but last night they proved my point: What’s to like about Wil and Tara? Not much! I realize it’s just a tv show and that there were 1000s of hours of footage that I didn’t see, but from what I DID see, they are just not nice people. At all. I was horrified by their behaviour and embarrassed for them. Wil is worse than Richard or Jerri or any of the “evil” folks on “Survivor” because Wil was a jerk to his WIFE – repeatedly verbally abusing Tara. She was no better – she had no qualms talking back to him and behind his back. It was sad to watch, really. And because of that, I’m glad that Chris and Alex won the whole kit and kaboodle. YAY FOR THEM!

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  1. Now as long as Jaynee takes the valuable lesson away from Will and Tara to be as nice as possible to her husband, it will all be worth it. And I have the 1000’s of hours of mental footage of Jaynee to prove her real personality if anyone wants to ask. Jaynee and I both hope to be better individuals after watching Will and Tara screw up.

  2. I believe I called the Boston boys as winners after the first episode. I think I did that with the lawyers from the first one as well. That makes me the 2 for 2 prognosticator of TAR…

    I was excited that the boys won as well…a little sad that the Texans were 3rd, they were so sweet the whole time.

    Denis, too funny. Add the sister-in-law’s freak out last month to the mix! *laugh*

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