A Couple Links For You

I have two links today.

First up is Bluefly.com, which is a shopping website that features designer stuff at outlet prices. The plus: some of their stuff is REALLY nice and the prices average 50% off original prices. The minus: I found a gorgeous pair of red suede loafers, but they didn’t have my size because it’s limited quantity. But it’s fun to surf around and see what they have.

Second one was sent to me by Jhames. It’s a funny music video done by two gals playing the ukelele, entitled “My Gay Boyfriend“. I laughed out loud at the appalling off-key singing, but the video is a fun frolicking song about a gal and her gay boyfriend. Jhames thought it fitting that I see it since many of my fake boyfriends are indeed gay.

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  1. The list of potentially gay fake boyfriends:

    Anderson Cooper

    Jesse Bradford

    Oliver Platt

    Paul Rudd

    Cary Grant

    Danny Kaye

    Okay, so it’s not a long list, but it’s enough to warrant the link to the song. =)

  2. Oliver Platt is married with kids. I saw him interviewed and he’s completely devoted to his wife. Of course, he’s an actor…

    Cary Grant? I’ve seen enough Biography stuff on him and that’s never been mentioned.

    Jesse Bradford, really. Hmmm.

    The others I believe.

  3. Oliver Platt is one of your fake boyfriends? Grace and I watched him film that God -awful show “Queens Supreme” when she was about 5 weeks old.

  4. Denis – sure *smirk*

    Oliver is pretty hit-or-miss in his work. He’s a really good actor, but he picks a lot of crap to do.

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