A CootieGirl Story

CootieGirl is very much a Little Mother. She can be VERY sweet to CootieBoy sometimes. Last night when we were driving home from life group he was very weepy due to the no-cupcake thing. We pulled into a grocery store parking lot so Denis could drop off a movie we had rented. When Denis got out of the car, CootieBoy was very concerned. When I moved to park the car he began crying that he didn’t want to leave Daddy. CootieGirl quickly began talking to him in that typical “soothing a crying baby voice” and said, “It’s okay, CB, we’re only parking. It’s okay. Just parking. See? We’re not leaving Daddy. It’s okay. Only parking.”

And it TOTALLY calmed him down. I turned in my seat and gave her a big smile, mouthing the words “Thank you” to her. She beamed back at me and went back to keeping CootieBoy occupied.

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  1. It’s funny, but when she wants to, she has a more soothing effect on him than either one of us. He listens to her — when she is good and he wants to listen, where he fights us tooth and nail.

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