A Cool $75M

Okay, so tomorrow’s MegaMillions jackpot is up to $168M, or $75M for those who live in New Jersey. Nice.

I won’t list houses again – but $75M is a big enough chunk of change that I can see divying it up.

$7.5M to my church
$7.5M to various charities
$2M trust funds for each child to receive on their 25th birthdays
$1M to buy lots of land in South Carolina (50 acres?) and build a custom house smack dab in the middle
$1M in gifts to various friends/family
$2M luxury apartment in Manhattan
Two-week timeshares in the following locations in their peak months:
– Hawaii
– Aruba
– Paris, France
– London, England
– Sydney, Australia
– Rome, Italy
Cars I’d pick from:
– Mini-Cooper
– Hummer (c’mon – I could fit 10 kids in that car and STILL have room left)

That would leave $50M+ left to put into investments, savings, and then we’d live off the interest while vacationing every couple months at any one of the timeshares around the world. I could get used to that.

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  1. Well, don’t get too used to it Jaynee…’cause I am so going to win! But, of course I am always
    willing to share…

    (scroll down)

    …a drink with you in celebration ;o)

  2. A dollar and a dream. Keep dreaming. Would be nice though. We could afford baby number three too.

  3. It’s a great dream! I’m playing. But now think about it Denis, Baby #3 will come whether you guys win big or not, right? 🙂

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