A Contest For Those Over 21 Years of Age


Want a chance to win a $300 Amazon gift card? Apparently there is a cellphone survey being done and the odds of winning are pretty good – about 1500 to 1. For $300 at Amazon? I’m game! It only requires that you answer 10 questions via your cellphone.

It can only be played via your cellphone. What you do is text the word “beer” (no quotes) to 247365. After that you’ll be sent 10 quick text-and-reply questions as part of the mobile survey. The questions are all about beer, which is why the contest is only for those over the age of 21. And just remember that your phone carrier’s standard text-messaging rates apply for this!

If you want to read up on the rules you can find them here. Also, the survey only runs through midnight on Friday, March 14th, so if you want to participate, remember the deadline!

I’m not a beer drinker, but Denis is. When we went on vacation in Amsterdam and Brugges in 1999 he had a lot of fun drinking the various European beers that we came across. I know he drank the gamut from light beers to dark, and really liked a few of the light beers he tried. I remember one late afternoon we were hanging out at an outside bar that had a lovely view and we just sat and enjoyed each other’s company while he drank beer and I drank something else. It’s a weird memory, but a fun one. That was a great vacation. All the more fun? Learning to say “one more beer” in Dutch from our friend Anne, who lives in Utrecht. één meer bier. Heh. I still remember that.

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