A College Story

When I was in college I worked for the campus radio station. The station was a joke at the time – we couldn’t even play modern music 99% of the time. We played elevator music because the general manager was a 70+ year old lech of a man who didn’t want to hear rock music.

Anyway, I remember one time I was working and it was the same day as the Mike Tyson-Michael Spinks fight. Knowing they do a lot of hoopla before the actual battle begins, once the introductions of the fighters was done I ran back into the studio to do a quick on-air weather update which was required a couple times an hour.

By the time I was done announcing clear skies over our part of North Carolina the fight was over (if you recall, Tyson knocked out Spinks in 91 seconds). I’ll never forget that moment of frustration that I missed boxing history in the making that night.

I don’t watch boxing – I think it’s a violent sport. However, I did become a fan of Floyd Mayweather while he was on “Dancing With the Stars” last year (was it last year? That show goes so quickly I can’t remember). Apparently Floyd was supposed to have some big matchup against Oscar de la Hoya this coming May, but it got pushed back to September. Why is this interesting to me? Because the fight is in September – when Denis may be going to Vegas, where the fight is being held. I wish the dates for his trip were known so that I could decide whether or not to get Mayweather/De La Hoya tickets for us. *lol* You never know – I may become a fan after seeing a live fight.

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