A Clean Desk Works Wonders

I just cleaned my entire desk – it feels AWESOME to sit there now. It wasn’t bad before – but it was just in need of a good cleaning.

It began when I determined that my mouse was in desperate need of replacing. I went looking for a new one and found one in an empty cubicle. I swapped them out and realized the new mouse had a much shorter cord, which meant I had to move my CPU to a new spot on my desk.

It was then that I decided to do a deep clean of the desk. I took everything off the desk, then cleaned it with some serious alcohol cleaning cloths. You could eat off this desk now it’s so clean. I then rearranged my desktop computer and put the CPU in a new spot which enabled me to use the new mouse with the shorter cord.

Then I began putting the rest of my stuff back, and with the new arrangement I have found I actually have MORE room on my desk. I didn’t get rid of anything, I just rearranged and doubled my working space.

My reward for my effort shall be prime rib for lunch from the cafeteria downstairs. I usually miss it because I go to lunch after the carving station closes. But today I shall take an early lunch and enjoy a slice of prime rib and my nice clean desk!

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  1. Prime Rib at work? A carving station? What? My job has a vending machine in the hallway. Other than that you’re on your own. You lucky duck!

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