A Chore List

So you know how those Nanny shows have a giant list of activities for the families to start – kind of like a daily planner that outlines each and every thing the family should do? Denis has decided to become The Great Cootini and get this family’s chores organized.

I created an initial list and Denis immediately threw it on the ground and peed on it, claiming it unacceptable. Okay, well maybe he only grabbed a pen and drew a big “X” across my first draft and claimed it unacceptable. Either way, I’ve now created a SECOND draft using his critique and hopefully it’ll be more amenable to him.

It’s even color-coded.

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  1. *snort*

    If my husband *dared* X through my considered and practiced opinions on such matters? I’d throw him on the floor and pee on him.

    Or maybe just draw a big permanent Sharpie X on his forehead.

    Either way…

  2. The problem was, she had created a finalized list that didn’t leave any room for changes. The way I would have created the list, I would have written down all the chores we had to do, leaving room for more chores to be added, then figured out how often each chore needed to be done, and then figured out who was doing what when — then create that finalized list. No need for peeing. I just think Jaynee jumped a few steps. Left me out of the equation — again.

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