A Certain Malaise

This week has been a tough one for me. The weather has been gloomy and grey, and it has led to me feeling gloomy and grey. For three mornings in a row I’ve woken up knowing I have to do things, but feeling like doing NOTHING. I want nothing more than to just sit and veg out and do nothing.

But I get up, and get together the kids lunches and get them safely on the bus, surf the web for jobs (I’d go out running instead if it wasn’t raining the past couple of days), take a shower and get dressed, then head to Charlotte to work a few hours.

Yesterday I actually headed into Charlotte for an interview for some contract work, but turned right around and headed home when I saw a jack-knifed tractor-trailer on I-77 going back towards my town. I called and rescheduled my meeting with the recruiter for Thursday. But I still did laundry, changed out the kitty litter, and ran a couple errands before the kids got home.

The only excitement of the week was buying a used trampoline for the kids. Now that the pool is closed they need something else to burn off energy, so getting a trampoline seemed like a good idea. After months of looking and only finding them without the safety net, I finally located one that was a good size and included the safety net. Can we afford it? Not really – but it was 1/3rd of the price we’d have paid for a brand new one, and the kids love it (they jumped on it yesterday despite it being a bit wet from the rain).

In other news, I got another call on my resume. But I’ve gotten calls before, so I’m not holding out hope that I’ll be offered anything. I’m talented, but so are the other 2,000 people that probably sent in resumes for this position. Nonetheless, my interview is scheduled for next week, so we’ll see what happens.

Denis leaves Friday for a week away. First he heads to NYC for a boy’s weekend with his pals, returning home on Monday night. Then first thing Tuesday morning he flies to Indianapolis for a couple days of work-related travel. Then the NEXT week I’ll be heading to Virginia for a couple days to participate in my mom’s open house for her business. I’ll be leaving Thursday evening and coming home Sunday morning.

Lastly, we’ve been slowly getting RSVPs for our annual White Elephant party – we’re already up to 30 confirmed attendees! That’s awesome and I’m getting excited about the party already. Denis tested one of the recipes a couple nights ago. He prepped and froze it on Monday and we’re going to thaw it out and cook it up tonight. If it holds up well after being frozen, then it’ll be on the menu in December.

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