A Blah Kind of Day

It’s raining. I thought it was supposed to be sunny and hot all week – at least, that’s what they told me on Monday morning during the 5-day forecast. Liars, all of them.

It puts a serious crimp in my planned day. I had intended to go out for my walk with CootieGirl, I had intended on going back to the antique stores in Montclair to search for living room end tables, I had intended to finish trimming the hedges out back and also clean out some of the weeds from my flower beds. Now it looks like I’ll be driving to the mall for a walk with CootieGirl and possibly sneaking in a manicure at the salon down the block. Sure, it’s not a bad way to spend the day – it’s just not the day I wanted to have.

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  1. Hey – How about this…

    You and I can switch days – You pop into the office and deal with my crazy bankers and I’ll deal with CootieGirl who is beginning to take a liking to her thumb … Sounds like a game plan – Let me know what time works for you !

  2. Ahh the life. I can help Miss Mary out with CootieGirl. You want to take over my job too. How about it…for the next 9 days you can be me?

  3. Hey Gladioli !

    I am in complete agreement with you and I like the added 9 days bit you thought up – However, may I suggest that we go for a more even number? How does 14 days sound to you ?

    Swap Baby CootieGirl and having our nails done with Jane while she takes up our jobs ?!!

    Do I hear any objections?

  4. Blah day?! You don’t know what you got until it’s gone. When is your maternity leave expire???

    : )

  5. I’ll be back at my desk on July 21st – about five weeks or so.

    And trust me, I appreciate all the time off – but not when I’m slightly housebound by weather.

  6. Sure the weather sucks, but you still get to be at home with precious CootieGirl.

    As the others said, I’d gladly trade a day with CootieGirl and rain for the kind of day I’ve had today. For more info, please visit my blog. It’s a rant kind of day.

  7. Weathermen are liars! The whole lot of them. Don’t believe them, except for Janice Huff (WNBC NY – Channel 4) because she’s nice and has the Dr. Evil-esque Dopler 99,000 at her disposal.

    And you forgot your Mega Millions update: $175 million! Pants soil-ingly shocking!

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