A Bit Disheartened

So we’re closing out Tuesday afternoon and I haven’t received ANY calls from those interviews last week. That’s more than disheartening, you know what I mean? I thought FOR SURE I was going to get a call from Job #3 – I sent an email to them on Friday telling them I was excited about the opportunity and looking forward to speaking with them more about the position. The woman I had the pre-interview with said they’d be calling folks on Monday about formal interviews. So it’s possible I *didn’t* make the cut – which I don’t understand, as I can totally do that job.

Job #1 is most likely calling my references – they were very specific that they wanted that information, which I sent to them in my follow-up email after the formal interview. But none of my references have contacted me to say, “we got a call,” so it’s also possible that they are interviewing a couple more people – who knows?

Job #2 was slow to schedule the formal interview after my phone interview (two weeks between the two), so I’m not surprised I haven’t heard from them yet.

But still – I’m depressed about Job #3 not calling me…

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