99 Bottles of GGma on the Wall

Today is my grandmother’s 99th birthday. She’s an amazing woman and have I mentioned that it’s a treat to have her living so close to me now? I have a good time hanging out with her even if it involves me cleaning her apartment or going through her mail.

CG & GGma – 9 and 99.

Tonight we celebrated her birthday at my cousin Alana’s house. She and her husband recently moved to the Charlotte area and live only 1 1/2 miles from GGma’s apartment! It was a fun night with good food, great company and a truly decadent chocolate cake. Cousin Alana’s daughter is adorable and a total dynamo. I do NOT remember my kids having that much energy when they were toddlers. But Baby B is a spitfire and always on the go – definitely keeping her parents on their toes!

As for GGma, she got some good gifts including a rolling walker. Ever since she arrived she’s been balking at the idea of using a cane and protests whenever I force her to take it and use it in my presence. However, I do know that she’s been coveting the various rollators that have seats on them because it means that when she’s tired she can sit AND she can store her purse in the compartment under the seat. So, a couple weeks ago I ordered one for her and gave it to her tonight. She seemed genuinely excited by it, and was even using it around her apartment after we dropped her off on the way home this evening! On Monday at work I’ll make some labels for it so that she won’t mistake it for someone else’s and run them over after work. I did the same for her canes so that if she left one somewhere, people would know where to return it.

This morning I called her at 7:30 a.m. to wish her a happy birthday, and she said tonight that she got a few calls throughout the morning from family and friends wishing her a happy birthday. At her apartment she had at least a dozen birthday cards that still needed to be opened, including a few from her new acquaintances in her new building.

This morning on FB I mentioned that the key to her longevity is the fact that she doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, is addicted to chocolate and only eats in restaurants because she’s a terrible cook. She also has some good kids, even better grandkids (*wink*) and very sweet great-grandkids.

My aunt then followed up that post by saying that she has lived to be 99 by being a feisty old girl (which is totally true – even now she’s that way). In her mid-70s she took up water skiing (and taught me how to do it by example), went parasailing in Mexico, and learned how to clog (and continued performing until at least age 95).

If that’s not someone who is downright inspirational, I don’t know who is.

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