$700 And I’m On My Way

Denis brought up an interesting subject tonight and it tweaked my interest. He mentioned the idea of me becoming an EMT. There are some pros and cons to this kind of job, for sure, but I’ve been doing some research and I’m intrigued about the possibility of becoming one.


  • It’s cheap to get certified. Only $700 and 143 hours of study (which includes active time in an ambulance).
  • The hours would be decent. I found a newstory about our local EMTs that says the shifts are usually 24/48 – meaning you work 24 hours straight and get two days off.
  • Working 24/48 would allow time for freelancing. I like the idea of still being able to do some freelancing when I’m not working the EMT job.
  • I’d be home with the kids. 2-3 times a week (depending on the timing) I wouldn’t get to see the kids, but 4-5 days a week I’d be home. An example: Work 24 hours Sunday. Off Monday & Tuesday. Work 24 hrs Wednesday. Off Thursday & Friday. Work 24 hrs Saturday. Off Sunday & Monday. Etc. The kids would only be in after school care a couple times a week.
  • Additional education. To move from an EMT-Basic to an EMT-Intermediate is $300 in course fees and less class time – but jump in pay for additional certification.
  • Could lead to other things. Being an EMT may lead to other things – even possibly a full paramedic if I find I have a passion for it.


  • The hours may be rough. Sure, 24/48 sounds good now – but will I like it once I’m actually doing it?
  • Initial pay is low. The initial pay will be low to start.
  • Let’s face it – it’s a depressing job. Car wrecks and suicides. Old people having strokes and toddlers drowning in pools. Can I handle that?

Do you have any other pros/cons that you can add to the list?

When I was in high school, one of my spiritual gifts was mercy. Is it possible that I still have that gift? And could this be my way of using it?

Lots to think about. Classes start August 5-6, so I have about a month to decide if I want to give it a try. There’s a cop and a firefighter at my church – I’m going to speak to them about it and find out as much as I can from them – including actual job prospects were I to do it. I’d hate to spend the $700 and get certified only to find there aren’t any jobs after all.

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  1. You might want to talk to Scott about this. He knows a lot of people in this field. His sister works Piedmont EMT on the weekends.

  2. You might want to check with your local Amercan Red Cross to see if they offer any courses on first aid. These are usually free and could help you see if your head is in the game.

  3. She may have the gift of mercy, but she doesn’t have much in the way in the gifts of kindness or serving. “I want a bendy straw.” “Get it yourself.”

  4. Denis – I know you didn’t mean to out and out insult me (saying I’m not kind). At least I hope you didn’t mean to. And I didn’t tell you to get it yourself. I just didn’t think you needed one.

    Jen – when I last did the spiritual gifts test it was in HIGH SCHOOL. Obviously it doesn’t mean I STILL HAVE IT. *lol* That’s what I said in my post.

  5. I’m sorry I said you weren’t kind. And maybe I just “felt” like you wanted me to get it myself, but the bendy straw incident happened for what it is worth. You are very kind. And very good with the children. I wish I had half of your patience and kindness with them. Now, can I have a bendy straw?

  6. Just catching up on posts here, wanted to share that in some communities there are age limits to join the comunity dept, or you could get a position with a freelance company that runs a lot of transport (think nursing homes). What did you end up deciding?

  7. cheri – haven’t decided yet. I need to talk to a couple guys at my church still (I haven’t seen them the past couple of weeks). If I do decide to do it, I’ll be signing up for the EMT class that begins in January 2010. There’s no way I’ll be able to decide before the August class starts.

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