68 Days??!?!?!?!?

Wow. Our Disney trip is only 68 days away. That’s AWESOME. It seems like we’ve been planning this trip forever!

This weekend we’re headed to Virginia for the Easter holiday (and picking up my ‘new’ (to me) sewing machine!). While we’re there, the ‘rents want us all to have a family meeting about the trip. Which cracks me up. I mean, we’re all having dinner together on Friday night – why can’t we have it then? But no, they’ve set up a specific time (Saturday night after church) for the meeting (which reminds me – note to self: Take a blank check to write out to Dad for all of our family’s tickets).

We’ll be talking about the logistics. My parents and my sister and her family will be driving down either Thursday night or Friday morning. The checkin at the timeshare is Saturday at 4 p.m. So one decision to make is when will we leave? Will we leave Saturday at 9 a.m. which means an arrival time around 6 p.m.? We’re not planning on doing anything that night anyway, so it makes sense to sleep in and drive down at a leisurely pace (which reminds me – note to self: call the timeshare back to request that the two timeshare units are next to each other).

I suppose we’ll also discuss the schedule and any non-Disney things we want to do (I know Denis originally thought about trying to meet up with his friends that live in Florida, but I don’t know if that’s feasible unless his friends come to in Orlando). We’ve already made all the reservations we planned on making – special dinner events, CootieGirl’s princess makeover (which reminds me – note to self: make sure you get CootieGirl’s new princess costume to take to Disney).

This morning at the pediatrician measured CootieBoy to be 39 1/2″ tall. If I can find him some shoes with an extra 1/2″ of lift, he’ll be able to ride more rides than previously expected. It’ll be close – some ride hosts may not let him on. But I’ll still be on the hunt for lift shoes. *lol*

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  1. Is he 39 1/2 inches without the shoes or with them? Most of his shoes are on the thinner soled side. Did you ask the Ped about his feet? What did they say?

    Also, Ted said he would meet us in Orlando. there is an outdoor restaurant the he and I hung out in in Orlando that we would go to (you and I, Ted and Anne) and Dawn and her husband/family if they want to join us. So we are going to be meeting Ted and Anne during our trip at some point. So, we can add that to the family discussion this weekend.

  2. With the shoes on. I did ask about his feet – the peeling is because of foot sweat – she recommends no more footie PJs and for him to take off shoes during nap time.

    That’s great that TEd/Anne are willing to do that! Maybe we can plan that for the night my parents were thinking of babysitting for us (if they are still planning on that).

  3. Yes, I was definitely thinking the same thing about making that our night out. I think Ted may have thought more late afternoon out but I’ll check with him and I’m sure he can accomodate our schedule. It’s about an hour’s drive from where he lives to Orlando. He and I went to a comedy club in the little area we were in when we were there so we could do that as well. Could be a very fun night out.

  4. No, we aren’t all having dinner on Friday night. Jen et.al. are coming over early Saturday so we can have the family meeting in the morning. Dinner/lunch will be between 1 and 2pm, then church at 6:00pm followed by pizza then Jen et.al go home.

  5. IMHO, they have those height requirements for a reason… trying to beat the system may get him hurt in the long run.

    Just sayin.

  6. Ace, I would agree with that, but obviously I’m not going to let him ride rides by himself, and I’m also not going to let him ride really crazy rollercoasters. But if it’s a kid ride that he’s 1/2″ short on, I want him to ride it. But let me say again – KID RIDES ONLY. I’m not letting him on Space Mountain or anything like that. *lol*

  7. ok… you put my heart at ease. I should have given you the benefit of the doubt. Of course Space Mt. is a fantastic ride and I am sure he would have enjoyed it.

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