59 To Go

59 more comments and we’ll reach 2,000 comments at Cootiehog. Not too shabby.

In other news, I’ve had a busy day at work today – thus no posting. Tonight is band practice. I’ve suggested a song to Obi as a duet – he didn’t really bite though, so I’m not sure he saw the bait. Maybe I’ll burn a CD with the song and play it for him. The song came out in 1979 so it’s highly likely he has never even heard it.

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  1. Hello,
    If you happen to have a free coupon code for Real Rhapsody, I’d be very grateful if you could email it to me at gkmansion@wp.pl
    I’d really like to be able to use the service for at least a few days.. 🙁
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    Greg K.

  2. “Greg” – I think you are spammer but I’ll respond anyway. RealRhapsody offers a free trial you can sign up. Just go to the website. And if you post your replicate post again your ip will be banned.

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