That’s what the MegaMillions take home is for the New Jersey person that solely wins tonight’s jackpot drawing. A nice chunk of change.

House hunt!

Charleston, SC

Montclair, NJ (the area we live now)

Fairfax Station, VA (where I used to live)

San Antonio, TX (where we might go on vacation)

Oak Harbor, WA (where I was born)

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  1. I like the Oak Harbor house. The Fairfax Station house is nice enough – interesting that it’s in the Robinson district. I would have said it’s closer to Lake Braddock.

  2. I know exactly where that Monclair house is, I pass it on my way home every day. Its going for a bit more than I thought it was.

    As for San Antonio,(My Favorite House on your list) I have spoken to a few people about that area (Vacation) and they said its lovely… lots to do and see. Great Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, River Walk, Amusements Parks and don’t forget the Alamo!

  3. Just before we were transferred to UK, we had an offer out on a house along Polnell road in Oak Harbor. Not THAT house, but one along the same area, with a view to the south.

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