45 Minutes To Go!

Well, after a short 20 minute lunch (chicken caesar salad with fat-free dressing and cous cous) it was back to work for me and I finally got to a good stopping point a couple minutes ago. Thankfully, the guy working on edits is currently in a meeting, so hopefully I won’t have anymore to do today and can pick back up in the morning.

And have I mentioned that when I leave here tonight, I’m meeting Denis and we’re going to go see “Star Wars”? I know he’s uber-excited, but I can’t help but think that this movie had better be really good or else this tired pup is going to fall asleep.

Oh crap – meeting man just got back to his office. NOT good – that means he may give me more edits after all. 😥

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  1. You can’t fall asleep during the movie. You will need to give me a full recap tomorrow morning.


    …. I just noticed that your little “dance” Icon looks more like a “I need to hand the keys to my friend and call myself a cab Icon”

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