39 is the new 41

Last week I sent out some bills. With 39 cent stamps on them. That night as I was putting postage on some mail here at work I realized my probable error (there was still some slight hope in my mind at that point). As soon as I got home I checked the stamps – sure enough, they were 39 cent stamps. I was horrified by my error – especially since it meant my diligence in sending off bills early was all for naught.

BUT. Last night? One of Denis’ credit card bills that I mailed off cleared my account last night. So apparently not all companies care whether the stamp says 39 or 41.

I expect the rest will be returned sometime this week or next, and I’ll then have to rush to get them out the door since they’ll be coming up on “late” at that point.

I suck.

Fortunately, the error won’t happen again anytime soon – Denis stocked up on some Forever stamps so that I don’t have to actually LOOK at the stamp to see what it says.

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