3 Hrs At Pool = Sunburned Son

Oops. I forgot to put sunscreen on the boy today when we went to the pool. His arms are nice and crispy. Fortunately, I DID put it on his face, but he had a shirt on and I completely ignored the fact that his lower arms were still exposed. As such, he’s rocking a farmer’s burn at the moment.

The girl wore her new swimsuit to the pool – it’s very cute. Her brother had three suits to her one, and her one was getting very worn out since we’ve been going to the pool so much this summer. So now she has two and it’ll help them last a bit longer this way.

In other news, starting Wednesday night we’ll have a visitor at the house – a black laborador retriever. A couple from our small group at church are doing the family vaca thing and I figured since I’m home all day every day we could watch her for them. So Cooper The Dog will have some company to play with Wednesday – Tuesday!

Did some grocery shopping today. Had a nice haul (picture to come). In the end I spent $34 and saved $64. My best sale was getting 10 candy bars for $1. They are on sale for B2G3F this week, but I also had three coupons to get FREE ones. So I bought ten – six came free with the deal, then 3 were free with my coupons. So I only paid for one. Nice!

The rest of the week will be a fun week for the kids before they go to camp. Tomorrow we’re hitting up the free movies at the local theater (either “Horton Hears A Who” or “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” – both of which the kids have seen and liked). Wednesday I think I’ll be taking them bowling (they get free games all summer). Thursday I don’t know yet what I’ll be doing with them – maybe Discovery Place in Charlotte or the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville. Mix in some pool time, and they’ll have a blast this week in advance of Camp Marmie next week in Virginia.

As for freelancing, I’m still in the middle of a project and have been told to expect more edits to one part of the project, but have yet to receive them. So I’m just kind of planning my week and will fit in the freelancing around my plans. It’s a long-term project through the end of the month, so it’s not like the stuff I get will be particularly time-sensitive.

Got a free RedBox rental code today (good ’til midnight tonight if you want to go rent something really quick): 4J7LF6. I wanted to rent fluff (“Paul Blart: Mall Cop” anyone?) but all the fluff was already checked out, so I got “Gran Turino” instead. I like Clint Eastwood and have heard good things about this movie.

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  1. Once I forgot to use sunscreen… my sunburn hurt and I got sun-poisoning that i started to hallucinate! Needless to say I never forgot sunscreen again.

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