$275, Baby!

I got my final approval for my $275 from my “ponzi scheme” DVRs4Free.com. I just clicked on the final order link tonight, so it’ll probably be deposited sometime tomorrow. Then I’ll call DirecTV and schedule to have a DVR replace our satellite box in our bedroom. It will cost about $99+, so I’ll be able to pocket the remaining $150 or so. Nice.

I also am awaiting approval on the 20GB iPod – I have all the referrals I need. I’ve been told that iFreeGear.com (the referral website I used for that) takes almost two months to ship the product, so I’ll have to patiently wait for that – but hopefully it’ll arrive in time for my birthday in June as a nice birthday gift from me.

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  1. Make sure you post when you actually receive any of this stuff. I am still skeptical you will get anything.

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