MegaMillions had no big winner last night, so Tuesday’s drawing is worth a cool $200M ($92M after taxes for the lucky NJ winner). That’s the kind of dollars that has you dreaming about how you’d spend the money. How would I spend $92M?

$9.2M to my church (I’d be ridiculously excited to see what they could accomplish with THAT kind of money!)
$4.6M to Katrina relief
$3.5M divided among friends and extended family
$4.6M divded among immediate families
$7M on real estate in NYC, NC, and United Kingdom
$6M into two trust funds for Toddler Daughter and Soon To Toddle Son.

That still leaves us with just over $57M to just sit on. In the past I’ve done super long lists, but this time around I’ll just say that we’ll get the important things taken care of (church, charity, family, trust funds) and the rest is just gravy, isn’t it?

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