2005 Fall Schedule

Usually my sister does this post first, but it looks like it’s me this time around.

The fall tv schedule is available and it’s time to set up those Tivo Season Passes for anything that looks interesting!

Shows I’ll be watching:

8 p.m. hour: Arrested Development/Kitchen Confidential, with 7th Heaven and How I Met Your Mother being Tivo’d
9 p.m. hour: catching up on Tivo
10 p.m.: Medium

8 p.m. hour: Biggest Loser with Bones and America’s Next Top Model being Tivo’d
9 p.m. hour: The Amazing Race with The Office and Supernatural being Tivo’d
10 p.m. hour: catch up on Tivo

8 p.m. hour: catch up on Tivo
9 p.m. hour: Lost, with Veronica Mars being Tivo’d
10 p.m. hour: CSI: NY with Invasion being Tivo’d

8 p.m. hour: Survivor: Guatemala with Alias, Joey and Everybody Hates Chris being Tivo’d (thank heavens for two Tivo boxes!)
9 p.m. hour: Reunion
10 p.m. hour: ER

8 p.m. hour: Supernanny
9 p.m. hour: Threshold
10 p.m. hour: Numbers

8 p.m. – 10 p.m. hours: Netflix, baby!

8 p.m. hour: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
9 p.m. hour: catch up on Tivo
10 p.m. hour: catch up on Tivo

I probably won’t stick with all of the new shows I’ve listed – I think I can only watch so much sci-fi/fantasy before I’m over the genre. But I’ll give all those shows a couple of episodes to draw me in or repel me.

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  1. Um, I think Invasion is being cancelled or delayed in light of Katrina and the show’s premise being that aliens invade through a hurricane?

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  3. Sadly, I do watch 7th Heaven – I’ve been watching since the first season and feel compelled at this point since (although completely hokey) it’s the most innocent show on tv.

  4. You are SO far ahead of me. I’m impressed! I’ve flipped through my fall preview EW a few times, but haven’t actually written up a schedule and set the Tivo yet (and yes, I do those things too. I take being a TV junkie very seriously!).

    Re a post you left for me: No, TWOP doesn’t recap BB anymore or have a dedicated forum. However, there’s a mighty big ‘n’ snarky thread going under the ‘Competitive Reality’ genre. Plus I’m addicted to the live feed threads at Hamster Time. Ah, summer, time for lemonade, swimming, and feeding my BB addiction.

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