When Tuesday Is The Only Empty Day of the Week

Okay, the Cootie calendar has become so full that when I look at the calendar on my phone, the ONLY days of the week that currently have no commitments at all in 2016 are Tuesdays. Poor Tuesday. I’m sure I’ll figure out something for those days soon.

IMG_20160116_113317So after 2+ years of begging (or has it been 3+ years), we finally signed up CootieBoy for tae kwon do. After two weeks I think I can safely say that he LOVES it. He can go up to 3x a week and to make our money count, he’ll DEFINITELY be going 3x/week. That stuff is expensive! My gym membership is only $10 a month and yet his TKD lessons are more than our electric bill in summer. No joke. I signed him up for 12 months (the only other choice was 36 months (!)) and told him … continue on, dear reader!

Eleven Days In…

It’s January 11 – we’re 11 days into the new year. Here’s what I have going.

[326/365]  Lottery MoneyPowerball is $1.4B. No words. $590M take-home for a single ticket winner in my state. First annuity payment for single winner would be more than $14M for the year. Yeah, I’d do the annuity – that way the pressure of bringing home $590M would be removed. However, considering almost 30 people had all but the powerball on their ticket this weekend, and given the fact that 80% of all number combinations have been purchased, I’d say it is highly likely that many, many winners will pull the magic rabbit out of the hat in Wednesday’s drawing. That’s still amazing. I had said that I would by the English estate known to the world as ‘Pemberly’ from the Colin Firth version of “Pride & Prejudice,” but alas just as I … continue on, dear reader!

What would you do with $300M?

MegaMillions is up to $700M. $700 million. That is INSANE. Can you imagine if ONE PERSON wins that jackpot? How do you even process that number?

However, the lottery is $700M – so you know what that means! LOTTERY POST!

It’s about $291M post taxes if you live in my state and take the lump sum. Normally, I listed out in detail the specific amounts that would be alloted to various things, but this time, instead of listing out the same things I always list (i.e., tithing, charity, trust funds for the kids, gifts to family/friends, etc.), we’re going assume that all that has been done, and we’re left with "only" (pffft) $50-60 million.

Let’s assume we invest it, and live off the annual interest earned. Let’s also assume once all has been paid out in taxes we’re left with $2M per year.

First of … continue on, dear reader!

So what’s up for 2016? A race, that’s what!

Happy new year, everyone!

Sooooo…remember back in September 2015 I participated in a 24-hour race but quit after 15 miles (and 5 hours) because I was so exhausted?

I signed up to do it again in 2016.

Yeah. I know. Don’t remind me.

But this time it’ll be different. This time I’m getting a hotel room. No messing around with tents or air mattresses that don’t stay inflated, or the inability to take a shower before the race so I can start off feeling fresh and ready. That’s one mistake I will NOT be making again. This time the only thing I’ll have on the route will be a chair, an umbrella (in case it rains), and a small cooler bag with snacks and running supplies. When I need to change clothes or shoes, or take a break – it’s back to the hotel for … continue on, dear reader!

The Books of 2015

It’s the last day of 2015 and it’s time to post my annual list of books that I read/listened to! I was actually on track to read closer to 40 books, but then in September I started listened to the last “Outlander” book by Diana Gabaldon – and it took me a month to get through the 40+ hour audiobook. Then in mid-October I started listening to the last book in the Century Trilogy by Ken Follett (another 40+ hour audiobook), and next thing I knew it was the 2nd of December!

This year I wanted to read a wider variety of books, and I think I succeeded. I read/listened to classics by Kurt Vonnegut, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Jane Austen and Harper Lee. I listed to more nonfiction this year than every before, on such subjects as the 1918 flu epidemic, Scientology, the sinking of … continue on, dear reader!

When You Hit The Wall…and Keep Going

Last weekend I participated in a 24 hour run in NC. When I signed up at the beginning of the year, my intention was to train and reach a crazy goal of 40 miles during the 24 hour race.

Yeah. I’m laughing about that too.

Because January became February, which became April, which became August. And I had done absolutely no training whatsoever. My Runtastic app said my last workout was in early January.

But I decided I was going to do it anyway – how hard could it really be? A friend of mine was going to do the race with me (in fact, she is the one that talked me into doing it in the first place), but a few days before the race she fell and hit her knee on concrete, causing a lot of pain and the need for an MRI. … continue on, dear reader!

Well, That Was Unexpected

Labor Day has come and gone. Rain has finally arrived in our neck of the woods. The kids are struggling in school. I got an award at work. Let’s discuss.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day last weekend. Denis and CootieBoy hit the road for DC and went to a Mets/Nats game. Needless to say, Denis is thrilled with how well his Mets are doing this season, and he couldn’t resist $35 seats along the 3rd base line. They stayed with my sister’s family the night before the game and were happy that the Mets won. All in all, a good guy’s weekend for my fellas.

The girls stayed here and watched movies. We saw Ant-Man (loved it), Jupiter Ascending (ugh – so bad in all the wrong ways – it was not even craptastic), and San Andreas (now THAT was craptastic). The plan … continue on, dear reader!

Hiding In The Office

CootieBoy is having a belated birthday sleepover with three of his pals and so Denis is hiding upstairs and I’m hiding in the office. They’ve had pizza and soda, have played video games, have chased each other through the house, have debated whether or not to watch a movie, and screamed so loudly I’m positive the neighbors think we’re abusing someone in this joint.

One of the boys is afraid of our dogs, so they are cooped up with me here in the office, with Dobby the Dog going on alert when the screeching gets particularly loud/high pitched. And since the boys have just had cupcakes for dessert, they’ll be wired for the next few hours.

I’m glad today is Friday and that the work week is done. I took a day off from work yesterday and I’m so glad I did because yesterday was … continue on, dear reader!

Sometimes Facebook Isn’t So Bad, Though

I’m a week into my Facebook Fast, and it has mostly been positive. Sometimes, though, Facebook can come in handy when you want to vent something really quickly, but it’s not worth a whole blog post. I’ve needed that a couple times this week.

Today I wanted to vent about a work project, and the fact that someone was trying to get me to do their portion of the project, when all I’m supposed to be doing is gathering everyone’s stuff and then dumping it into a Powerpoint. I’m not supposed to actually begin number-crunching their piece of the presentation so they never have to do it. But sure enough, someone tried to do that today. I quickly shut it down and said no way (I was polite, don’t worry).

In other news, our lone cat, the elderly Mini, has decided she’s not fond of … continue on, dear reader!

A Productive Morning of Cleaning

Clean Up or You're Out! :Brooklyn Street SignRemember my desire to accomplish a bunch of decluttering goals this summer? Ha ha ha. So, I’ve only accomplished a dozen of them. Literally, 12 things. Out of 51 things. Pffft. Today I accomplished three of them, all office related. This morning when I woke up I immediately headed downstairs into the office with the goal of cleaning out part of the office.

I first tackled the areas behind the french door – that’s where we keep old keyboards and computer mice that no longer work or are no longer needed. For years – YEARS – I’ve had a random box sitting in the office, the contents of which were unknown. All this time, I assumed it was old paperwork just waiting to catch on fire some day. Once I cleared out the keyboards and mice, I pulled out the box and opened it to … continue on, dear reader!

Movie: “Foxcatcher”

Have you seen "Foxcatcher" yet? If not, let me be the one to tell you not to waste your time. The movie is terrible.

I was looking forward to seeing Steve Carell’s much-lauded tour de force performance, but after watching it last night I can only say that the whole movie was boring.

The "true" story was boring.
The actors were boring.
The musical score was boring.
The direction was boring.
The lighting was boring.
The sound editing was boring.

Boring, boring, boring.

About 30 minutes into the movie I debated turning it off completely, but decided to give it a bit more time. Then I fell asleep about 20 minutes later, but woke up after 15 minutes and realized I hadn’t missed a thing. So I kept watching, and waiting. And nothing happened. Until then suddenly Channing Tatum’s character did something a lot of … continue on, dear reader!

It’s That Time Of Year Again!

Last year I took some time away from Facebook for a few weeks, and in the end I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ve decided to do one again, and today is Day 2. So far, no pangs to log in and see what’s up. And I think I have no pangs because I’ve done it before and remembered how much I enjoyed not checking my phone every ten minutes.

I opted for this year’s FF (Facebook Fast) to run from yesterday, August 18, until Friday, September 25. That’s about five weeks, give or take a couple days.

As a result, you’ll see me around these parts a bit more over the next five weeks as my need to tell stories will be forced to expand from a few sentences to a complete blog post.

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