So What Happens When You Win $350M in the Lottery

Well, it’s not $1.6 billion like the jackpot back in January of this year, but $350M would be a nice prize as well. That’s $155M after all taxes for those living in our state.

CootieBoy said the only thing he wants if we win is a Wii U. I told him that was more than acceptable request.

Then he asked for a TV in his room, and I said that was NOT an acceptable request.

He was not happy.

Then he asked if he could be homeschooled if we wont the lottery. I said that was an acceptable request.

Then he asked if I’d be his teacher, and I said that was NOT an acceptable request.

He was fine with that.

I mentioned that if we won the lottery we’d move into a big fancy house on the nearby lake. He said that was not … continue on, dear reader!

Just One of Those Days

Someone’s got a case of the Mondays, and that person is ME.

Today has been horrible, and it’s only 9:50 a.m.

Had to take an alternate route to work due to multiple accidents on my normal route. No biggie – managed to clock in only 5 minutes late.

Then I couldn’t find my office keys, and no one was around that had a master key to let me in. After waiting 10 minutes or so, I dumped out my entire purse and finally found them – they had no been in their normal pocket (I’m somewhat compulsive about where things are stored in my purse so I always know where everything is).

Let myself into my office, booted up my computer once, then had to do it again when Outlook wouldn’t open properly. Then had to do it AGAIN when Outlook finally opened but crashed … continue on, dear reader!

Facebook Fast About To Begin!

My latest Facebook Fast begins later this week. It’ll go until my birthday in mid-June. I think that’s my longest one yet! As such, I suspect you will see me posting here much more often during that timeframe.

First up, my daughter. CootieGirl turned 13 years old this past weekend, y’all. THIRTEEN. How is that possible? She asked me to wake her up at the time she was born, which all these years I thought was 3:21 a.m. But on Sunday morning (a few hours after waking her at 3:21 a.m. to wish her a happy birthday), I pulled out her birth certificate, only to see her birthtime listed as 2:58 a.m. Oh well. I was close. We had a low-key day – no parties or pals. She slept in, she had silver dollar pancakes for breakies, she opened her gifts, she played on the … continue on, dear reader!

A Lot Can Happen in Two Months

Folks, FOLKS – what a couple months it has been. Just when I think, "Wow, I’ve finally got time to dedicate to posting on Cootiehog," I have no time.

I don’t even know where to start, so I think I’ll pick up from my last post and update.

CootieBoy is about to test for his next belt next week. He’ll be doing another board break using a different kicking method, as well as a new TKD "routine," at which point he’ll be a green stripe yellow belt. We upgraded his membership so that he can attend unlimited classes – he is determined to get to black belt and has said that he wants to go to as many classes as they offer. In one bit of sad news, he found out his favorite instructor is moving to Texas in May to open his own TKD … continue on, dear reader!

Catching Up

Lots going on, people. It has been a month since my last post. Ugh.

First some updates on stuff I’ve mentioned in the past few posts:

After many weeks wearing the Cone of Shame, we finally took it off Chilly. He had been wearing it because EVERY TIME he wasn’t wearing it, he would chew on himself. We got meds for him, which helped clean up the infection he got, but then we had to try some other things. We finally swapped out his food for another kind, and that seems to have helped. He has now been cone-free for about a week, with no more incidences.

CootieBoy continues to love Tae Kwon Do, and actually has his first belt test this week. He has to break a board and some other things, and then he’ll be a yellow belt. He is VERY excited. Have … continue on, dear reader!

When Tuesday Is The Only Empty Day of the Week

Okay, the Cootie calendar has become so full that when I look at the calendar on my phone, the ONLY days of the week that currently have no commitments at all in 2016 are Tuesdays. Poor Tuesday. I’m sure I’ll figure out something for those days soon.

IMG_20160116_113317So after 2+ years of begging (or has it been 3+ years), we finally signed up CootieBoy for tae kwon do. After two weeks I think I can safely say that he LOVES it. He can go up to 3x a week and to make our money count, he’ll DEFINITELY be going 3x/week. That stuff is expensive! My gym membership is only $10 a month and yet his TKD lessons are more than our electric bill in summer. No joke. I signed him up for 12 months (the only other choice was 36 months (!)) and told him … continue on, dear reader!

Eleven Days In…

It’s January 11 – we’re 11 days into the new year. Here’s what I have going.

[326/365]  Lottery MoneyPowerball is $1.4B. No words. $590M take-home for a single ticket winner in my state. First annuity payment for single winner would be more than $14M for the year. Yeah, I’d do the annuity – that way the pressure of bringing home $590M would be removed. However, considering almost 30 people had all but the powerball on their ticket this weekend, and given the fact that 80% of all number combinations have been purchased, I’d say it is highly likely that many, many winners will pull the magic rabbit out of the hat in Wednesday’s drawing. That’s still amazing. I had said that I would by the English estate known to the world as ‘Pemberly’ from the Colin Firth version of “Pride & Prejudice,” but alas just as I … continue on, dear reader!

What would you do with $300M?

MegaMillions is up to $700M. $700 million. That is INSANE. Can you imagine if ONE PERSON wins that jackpot? How do you even process that number?

However, the lottery is $700M – so you know what that means! LOTTERY POST!

It’s about $291M post taxes if you live in my state and take the lump sum. Normally, I listed out in detail the specific amounts that would be alloted to various things, but this time, instead of listing out the same things I always list (i.e., tithing, charity, trust funds for the kids, gifts to family/friends, etc.), we’re going assume that all that has been done, and we’re left with "only" (pffft) $50-60 million.

Let’s assume we invest it, and live off the annual interest earned. Let’s also assume once all has been paid out in taxes we’re left with $2M per year.

First of … continue on, dear reader!

So what’s up for 2016? A race, that’s what!

Happy new year, everyone!

Sooooo…remember back in September 2015 I participated in a 24-hour race but quit after 15 miles (and 5 hours) because I was so exhausted?

I signed up to do it again in 2016.

Yeah. I know. Don’t remind me.

But this time it’ll be different. This time I’m getting a hotel room. No messing around with tents or air mattresses that don’t stay inflated, or the inability to take a shower before the race so I can start off feeling fresh and ready. That’s one mistake I will NOT be making again. This time the only thing I’ll have on the route will be a chair, an umbrella (in case it rains), and a small cooler bag with snacks and running supplies. When I need to change clothes or shoes, or take a break – it’s back to the hotel for … continue on, dear reader!

The Books of 2015

It’s the last day of 2015 and it’s time to post my annual list of books that I read/listened to! I was actually on track to read closer to 40 books, but then in September I started listened to the last “Outlander” book by Diana Gabaldon – and it took me a month to get through the 40+ hour audiobook. Then in mid-October I started listening to the last book in the Century Trilogy by Ken Follett (another 40+ hour audiobook), and next thing I knew it was the 2nd of December!

This year I wanted to read a wider variety of books, and I think I succeeded. I read/listened to classics by Kurt Vonnegut, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Jane Austen and Harper Lee. I listed to more nonfiction this year than every before, on such subjects as the 1918 flu epidemic, Scientology, the sinking of … continue on, dear reader!

When You Hit The Wall…and Keep Going

Last weekend I participated in a 24 hour run in NC. When I signed up at the beginning of the year, my intention was to train and reach a crazy goal of 40 miles during the 24 hour race.

Yeah. I’m laughing about that too.

Because January became February, which became April, which became August. And I had done absolutely no training whatsoever. My Runtastic app said my last workout was in early January.

But I decided I was going to do it anyway – how hard could it really be? A friend of mine was going to do the race with me (in fact, she is the one that talked me into doing it in the first place), but a few days before the race she fell and hit her knee on concrete, causing a lot of pain and the need for an MRI. … continue on, dear reader!

Well, That Was Unexpected

Labor Day has come and gone. Rain has finally arrived in our neck of the woods. The kids are struggling in school. I got an award at work. Let’s discuss.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day last weekend. Denis and CootieBoy hit the road for DC and went to a Mets/Nats game. Needless to say, Denis is thrilled with how well his Mets are doing this season, and he couldn’t resist $35 seats along the 3rd base line. They stayed with my sister’s family the night before the game and were happy that the Mets won. All in all, a good guy’s weekend for my fellas.

The girls stayed here and watched movies. We saw Ant-Man (loved it), Jupiter Ascending (ugh – so bad in all the wrong ways – it was not even craptastic), and San Andreas (now THAT was craptastic). The plan … continue on, dear reader!